My son is in his last year at UBC.  Spends tons of time on the B line and running around campus and could use a great rain jacket.  He is classing up his wardrobe but doesn't like things
too fussy.  I suggested a Goretex from MEC but he wasn't into that.  Do you have some options that aren't too fashion forward for a science guy.  He is 6'2 and slim.  He hates shopping and I am a bit out of touch with student garb.  Please give me some options to suggest to him. Thanks S.

I’m a Van-city girl so I know the need for good rain gear so I got your back, S.   Also, you’re the sweetest mom for asking this question.

Bridge and Burn is a great company that’s known for making high quality outerwear.  And I love this Ennis Wax Jacket.  Lots of pockets, a great hood and I like the nod to Canadiana with that hint of plaid on the inside.  This is definitely a winner.

I don’t know what it is about guys in good bombers, but it’s like an automatic hot pass.  For example, you know how I feel about Jonah Hill, right?  But lately you can’t see a pap shot without him in a bomber, and you know what, because of that I’m not so uncomfortable looking at his grandpa face anymore.   Anyway, my point is, maybe your son can bust one too.  Check one out here.

Now, if he’s truly a west coast boy at heart, that means he loves his outdoors and if that’s the case this jacket from Outdoor Research is a no-brainer.  

Okay, this next option might be a bit too ‘meet me in the Hamptons’ but it could just be the model that’s throwing me off.  Either way, this is a really smart looking jacket.

Finally, if your son digs that whole surf/snow look, then give him my number - no, joking, of course not, that would be wrong, I’m married – then check out two looks here and here.
Hope this helped! xx

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