Marvel will never be finished with you. Just surrender now, give them all your money, and maybe they’ll let you have every other Thursday for yourself. After yesterday’s bonanza of news, last night during an episode of Agents of SHIELD Marvel aired some new footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron—specifically, they showed (a highly edited version of) the Superhero Clubhouse scene from Comic-Con. It was supposed to be the trailer, but that leaked last week, so we got to see inside the Superhero Clubhouse instead.

This is why I loved the Avengers as a kid—the camaraderie, the humor, the idea of a group of superheroes co-existing as roommates. I could read an entire graphic novel dedicated to Hawkeye and Captain America arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes. The mundane reality of superheroes has always intrigued me. And here we have a slice of the mundane—the Avengers hanging out after a party, with Hawkeye being kind of a dick about Thor’s magic hammer that no one but Thor can pick up. Check it out for yourself:

There’s so much to love. Tony and Rhodey teaming up with their armor to try and move it, Natasha’s hard pass, and especially the look on Thor’s face when Steve Rogers manages to wibble it a little. This provoked nerd rage at Comic-Con—in the comics, Steve is one of the few people besides Thor who can wield the hammer, and here he can barely move it. But c’mon. Like they’re going to blow the money shot of Captain America slinging Thor’s hammer in a teaser. Marvel’s hype game is A++ right now—they’re not going to waste their best footage.

To that end, this scene is hilariously, excruciatingly edited. Everything we’ve seen from Age of Ultron has been carefully constructed to whet appetites without delivering anything of real substance—even this scene is only a fraction of the film version. It’s very reminiscent of the ad campaign for Iron Man 3, which carefully hid the Mandarin twist by making the movie seem to be something else entirely. Makes you wonder what, exactly, Age of Ultron is hiding.

Attached – more photos from Marvel’s presentation yesterday featuring RDJ, Chris Evans, and the new Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman.

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