Little Sci"s father made a big production today about how he flew in to Rome just for the premiere and planned to fly home immediately to rejoin his woman and his child. All superlatives apply here. Baby is magnificent, changing diapers is fan-rockin"-tastic, the birth was mindblowingly beautiful, the experience was the greatest thing ever in the history of man and alien. In short, to borrow from the immortal words of Will Ferrell doing James Lipton - being a father to Suri Cruise is scrum-tralescent, there"s just no other way to describe it. (And if you haven"t seen his Best of SNL - you"re missing one of the most hilarious skits, like, ever.) Anyway, as I was saying, Tom joined his MI:3 co-stars today for a press conference and while I know you can"t read too much into a few photographs, a few of these absolutely killed me. Look at Keri Russell"s face - is just me or does she seem very, very frightened? And the other one of Laurence Fishbourne, even though I have no idea what he"s really looking at, I can only assume he very much wants to go Ike Turner on those gleaming Cruise teeth and silence that freak up forever. My favourite though has to be Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is clearly thinking - I have an Oscar … and you don’t, bitch.