I"m sure you"ve heard - apparently Penelope Cruz has also had the privilege of seeing Suri and, like Jada Pinkett Smith and Leah Remini before her, she has repeated the mantra: Little Sci is a beauty, the most beautiful baby ever, of all time, stampted, no blocksies, swear on John Travolta"s favourite gay massage therapist. So here"s the thing - as I"ve said many times before, I think there IS a baby. To me, the only matter worth disputing is the genetic origin of said baby. Call me Cruise - just my 2 cents. Having said that though, what I do find alarming about all this, about Penelope"s sudden support, is not only the blatant collusion going on, but also what it signifies, especially from Pene, someone who we thought had been released, someone we thought had gained freedom - it"s evidence that she had to bargain for independence and clearly there"s a debt to pay. A debt and perhaps a detox period - one that hasn"t expired. I mean, we know she attended a few Church classes and we know she was under the GMD"s spell for over 2 years, but still…how f*ckin" long does it take to shake off a Thetan hypnosis? THAT, my fellow gossips, is the truly frightening part. Because if she"s spewing scientological sympathies even though the cage door has been opened - we are probably grossly underestimating the impressive might of the GMD"s religion. Chill. Down. Spine. Fear. Time to start kissing ass Praise Thetan, Ah-Xenu - yay! Anyway, here"s Pene at last night"s UK premiere of Volver, like, a little overdressed if you ask me. It"s a PREMIERE, it"s not an awards show - what is it with these chronic dress up junkies? And if you really do want to take it an unnecessary step too far, how "bout finding a frock that don"t look so budget???