Is Little Sci’s second birthday!

Where in the world is Little Sci?!? I miss her! Tom Cruise has been conserving Little’s power of late, some say to keep her out of the spotlight, some say because she’s already beginning her training with Xenu. 

But this week, In Touch splashed a titillating story on their cover, proclaiming that Katie somehow deprogrammed herself and is demanding to break free. As you know, In Touch is a lower tier tabloid. Highly unreliable. Which means not only is the story likely bullsh*t, the REVERSE is probably true.

You’ll recall, two years ago, Life & Style (which is In Touch’s sister publication) “broke an exclusive” that Tom and his pregnant KatE had split – a complete fallacy.

Still… Tom’s press machine does not like stories that question his virility and of course his ability to hold on to a hot woman. As such, it’s expected that they will fire back with a photographic salvo that will silence the sceptics. Temporarily. 

And given that it’s Little Sci’s birthday tomorrow, perhaps they’ll use the occasion to launch their counterattack.

Stay tuned…

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