As presumed yesterday, click here for a refresher, Suri Cruise spent Thanksgiving with her father because Katie Holmes was seen on her way home to Ohio without her. And it’s true. Because it’s the top story on right now.

Tom Cruise Reunites with Suri for Thanksgiving

A “source” tells the magazine that Tom is “super excited” to have his youngest with him in London because he’s been “struggling to cope” with not having seen her in over three months. (At this writing, there are no pictures.) So now we know. Suri’s been there since the beginning of the week, perhaps the beginning of a pattern. Tom gets the holidays? They wouldn’t be the first couple to observe that arrangement although somehow Tom Cruise, once invulnerable, has found himself in a position where he can’t win.

When he does have primary custody (Isabella and Connor), and the mother doesn’t appear to be around much, he and Scientology are to blame. When he doesn’t have primary custody, and he isn’t around much, he is still to blame. Perhaps in his mind, all prophets must sacrifice. Is that how he sees himself?

Attached - after a very short stay in Ohio, Katie Holmes returns to New York.