In this world, where everything is terrible nonsense, you have to live for the small victories and snatch joy wherever you can. John Wick got me through the beginning of the year, and now Feud is getting me through the next couple months. It premieres on March 5, and I am already living for this show. Santa Clarita Diet didn’t get me that excited, so now it’s down to Feud to be my new television love. It certainly looks promising.

There’s a new trailer promoting the “naked rancor” between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and has Olivia de Havilland (Catherine Zeta-Jones) opining about the nature of feuds and pain. Everyone looks amazing, this looks amazing, prepare for Feud to win all of the Emmys. (Lainey: unless Big Little Lies wins all the Emmys.) As good as every single second of this looks, my favorite part is Judy Davis as Hedda Hopper. Look at the expression on her face when she says, “A blind item, my specialty.” That’s the face of a true smut hound—the thrill, the anticipation, the avarice to know more, more, more. As much as I love this whole trailer and everything about Feud, I squealed out loud when Judy Davis appeared. I can’t wait for March 5, my reason to keep going even though we’re living in a dystopian nightmare.