Susan Sarandon presented the In Memoriam tribute at the SAGs on Saturday night. She wore a pantsuit with a bra underneath. And some people were pissed. Some people also slagged her for how her tits looked which confuses me because they look great, don’t they look great?

Would we be having the same conversation if she wasn’t 69 but rather 29? I mean, it’s a pantsuit. And there’s some cleavage showing but, it’s not like it’s cleavage and stomach and ass and labia. It’s cleavage… in a pantsuit. I feel like that’s appropriate, at an award show, celebrating the achievements of past actors, at the Screen Actors Guild – not exactly a membership known for demureness.

Am I giving her a pass because she’s Susan Sarandon? If it was Lindsay Lohan would I be more critical? Without a doubt, yes. I feel like I don’t have to explain the difference between Susan Sarandon and Lindsay Lohan here? That there’s a gravitas that Susan brings to a moment like that, given her career and her accomplishments, answers that question.

Can the discussion instead be about how this was another thing that the SAGs got right on Saturday? When the subject here is diversity of representation, ranging from culture to ethnicity to gender equality to age equality to body positivity, Susan can’t be a complaint, right?