Susan Sarandon was in Toronto earlier this week at the opening of SPiN, the ping-pong social club she's been supporting for a while in New York. Ping-pong is a big Hollywood deal these days. All the parties I've been to this year, there are ping-pong tables set up and famous people lining up to play, vigourously.

Anyway, ping-pong faddy-ness aside, the point of this article is simple admiration. She's hot. She's not young and she's hot. She's in her 60s and she looks it. And looking 60 looks like this: awesome. She says she's natural and I believe her.

But you know what would bite my ass if I were her? Thanks to the Jessica Langes and the Nicole Kidmans of the world, no one believes it anymore. That if a woman is of a certain age, and beautiful, she must be getting it shot up in her face.  Actually, it doesn't even have to be of a certain age. Kate Winslet can't even look good at 35 without being accused of it.

And while it's true that SO SO SO many of them have indeed succumbed to LA Face, there are those who actually haven't. Just like there are people who live in the real world who haven't and walk around, at 65, as gloriously unmolested as Susan Sarandon.

Because of Nicole Kidman though, it's getting harder and harder to believe. We started the week blaming Nicole Kidman (for goose feather pillow baby bumps speculation), why not end the week on the same note.