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Hi Sasha, I've been searching high and low for a sweater-coat for fall. Something long-ish (ass-covering).  I've come across a few, but always been wool blends - wool makes me itch!  Need your expertise. Thanks!  AC

It sure is getting f-cking cold in Toronto, but I wouldn’t know because I’m sitting outside in the beautiful LA weather writing this to you guys.  Don’t you want to beat my face in?  I would.  Now that I’ve rubbed that in, let’s talk sweater coats.  There are so many out there right now so I’ll try to whittle down the list.
Vince is a great go-to brand for your basics.  It’s not super cheap, but the quality and softness of the fabrics are well worth coughing up the extra pennies.  And this sweater is really good.  I’m pretty sure I drooled a bit when I saw it.   

Another great brand known for their knits is Autumn Cashmere – super cozy and super stylish.  They’ve had this similar cut sweater in for a few seasons, hey, if it ain’t broke….

If you like that last one, but don’t want to fork over the dough, check out a really great take on it from Express here.  And while I was on the site I found another great sweater.  It’s a bit more casual, but it’s always good to incorporate at least one cabin fever fashion piece in the mix.  

I never thought I’d give props to an Anne Klein, but I’ve put my snobbery aside because this is right on point.  The leather detailing, the high collar…please, I’d live in it.  

Finally, I’ll end on a high note.  For something lighter in weight and in look, check out this fantastic multi colored Rachel Roy sweater jacket.  So Good!