Thanks to all of you who have been visiting the new LifeStyle tab on Lainey’s site.  Really appreciate it and of course please keep sending your advice and style questions my way.  Starting next week I’ll be hitting you up with a couple of new posts (in addition to answering your letters) about the latest things I’m in to, hopefully you’ll be in to them too.

Also, just an update about last week’s post about Rachel Mcadams’ hat.  A lot of you wrote in to yell at me, I mean tell me, that the brand of her hat was Delux.  Damn, you guys know your sh-t.  Okay, I’m going to shut up now.  

I have a long commute each day to work and have to get up really early.  When I'm half asleep in the mornings I love to just throw on a dress - Do you have any suggestions for sweater dresses this season? Thanks!! B

You’re right, B, sweater dresses are a great way to go when you want something easy and comfortable. Pair it down with leggings and some knee highs boots or ankle booties and it’s a really pulled together look.  So I’ll breakdown a few options based on some trends for this season.

When it comes to colors think about the turning leaves right now.  So mustard yellow, rust, and the shade that compliments most is a deep burgundy/wine hue.  I found a great option here by Wyatt.  And to spice it up a bit, shove a crisp white collared shirt underneath and toss on a thin black belt and you’ll be golden.  

Another thing to keep your eye out for is thin knit detailing and this dress is spot on.  I hate the saying ‘takes you from day to night’ but my brain is too dumb to think of something better and like, it really will take you from day to night.  

Next up a trend that is out in full force is the cable knit and this J Crew dress is damn good.
Stripes are everywhere right now so if you want to get on that trend train check out this great DKNY number.  Preppy, pretty and perfect.

As we get closer to the holiday’s think about incorporating some metallic into your wardrobe - this ADAM one is right on point! Double spanx that sh-t up like Beyonce, it’s well worth it.

And finally for some basic no-nonsense options click here, here and here.