You’re looking at what could be the Best Supporting Actor and Actress at the Oscars on February 28th. Sylvester Stallone and Alicia Vikander were both at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday and then at The Hollywood Reporter party afterwards. Sly seems to be in the lead right now in his race but there could still be a surprise. If he wins, I really hope he works on his remarks. It’s been fumbly so far.

As for Alicia, her chances look better and, as we’ve seen, she’s taken almost everything so far and while Jennifer Jason Leigh, who coulda been this year’s Patricia Arquette, was also at both events, it might be too late. 

Alicia’s keeping it understated, still, as we approach the Oscars. But first, the BAFTAs this coming weekend, on Sunday, where she’s been nominated twice – Best Supporting Actress in Ex Machina and, no category fraud here, Best Actress in The Danish Girl. I kinda like how she’s tucked her hair under in a faux bob. You?