BALBOA!!! For months I've been hoping for this one. Sylvester Stallone is the sentimental favourite of this award season. He received the standing ovation to prove it.

But up until last night, though it seems hard to believe now, he was not the frontrunner. Some experts didn't even have him on their predictions lists as late as last week. And, really, we won't know for sure until Thursday. So is that why he was so unprepared? Is that why he forgot to thank Ryan Coogler? And Michael B Jordan? Because their contributions to his performance cannot be diminished. Rocky in Creed doesn't happen with out Coogler directing and MBJ as his acting partner. Not mentioning them was a major omission. And Ava Duvernay didn't appreciate it:



Sly remembered Coogler and MBJ once the music started playing and they were throwing to commercial break and some people were like, that's fine, he made up for it. But off-air doesn't mean as much. So Rocky has some grovelling to do.