Oh la.

T.I. and the Original Situation, his wife Tiny, were busted this morning on a drug charge, specifically possession of a “controlled substance”. TMZ is now speculating, due to the presence of Styrofoam cups in the car, that the two were enjoying some Purple Drank. Or Sizzurp. Or prescription cough syrup mixed with cola and Jolly Ranchers. In other word it’s drinking and driving, you dumb f-ckers.

This is even worse for T.I. of course as you know he was released from a year in prison not too long ago and is currently on probation which obviously means they could send him back.

It’s no secret I love T.I. But this kind of sh-t is like attempted murder. SO DUMB. And offensive. Maybe another 6 months will straighten him out.

Also, drinking out of Styrofoam while driving a Maybach, is this incongruous?

Photo from JCalderon/Splashnewsonline.com