Am proud to say I’ve not watched a minute of Jersey Shore. But it’s hard to escape the cast of characters. That sh-t is everywhere...because why?

No clue.

But when they say The Situation, to me they can only be referring to the Original Situation, T.I.’s Situation, which of course is Tiny. And now that T.I. is a free man, he and Tiny have been making up for lost time. They went shopping on Rodeo Drive yesterday and hit up a club, and he’s just fresh from New York where he was busy letting people know he’s out of the joint. I thought they would care more. But... um... they don’t.

In this business a year is an eternity. A year can turn you into nothing. Not that T.I. is nothing, but he certainly has some work to do. Has he been back on Chelsea yet? He is always SO f-cking cute on Chelsea. I love him with Chelsea. Here’s the clip about The Situation.

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