If, like me, you are “30-ish”, then you too are also trying to deal with the shocking fact that you’re old enough to be witnessing your favourite childhood memories making a comeback with “the kids”. Floral skirts, really questionable hair colour choices, floppity leather jackets - it just takes one look at Katy Perry to realize that we’ve been knee deep (or is that 18-hole-Doc-Martin deep?) in a 90s revival for some time. The latest news in this trend is that your favourite TGIF couple, Cory and Topanga, are coming back to TV with a show called Girl Meets World.

As excited as I am for the return of these two, this reboot has my brain doing the time warp, back to my parents’ living room, Friday nights spent inside, entire bags of Ruffles eaten guilt free – and other TGIF couples that were “oh my god, SO cute”.

Dana and Rich
From the beginning of Step By Step I was waiting for the moment when Dana (Staci Keanan) would finally hook up with her stepbrother JT (Brandon Call), but being a very unique and original show that was a total ripoff of The Brady Bunch, the writers had Dana fall for JT’s friend Rich. What was it about the 90s that made us want to see the feminists fall in love with idiots? These two definitely had a Jesse Spano/A.C. Slater vibe that was fun to watch but the real appeal of this couple is based on the inexplicable magnetism of Staci Keanan. Why did we want to be her? How did she become lucky enough to have her name spelled like that? Why did she give herself that crazy Genie In A Bottle-blond makeover? Time has yet to reveal the answer to our Keanan queries.

Where Are They Now? Stacy Keanan (she changed the spelling of her name) had a sort-of career revival in 2010, starring in a few movies you’ve never heard of. Jason Marsden does a LOT of voice work -- he was Nermal in a Garfield DVD!

Jesse and Becky
Arguably the TGIF couple with the most sex appeal – Full House’s Jesse “Have Mercy” Katsopolis and Aunt Becky. They didn’t entirely satisfy the requirements for teenage wish fulfillment because of their age, but the chemistry, the beauty, and the HAIR of this couple made them the romance to watch inside the Tanner house. While every story line on Full House was stripped of sex and made as squeaky clean as Danny Tanner’s floor, these two had my pre-pubescent pervert brain on overdrive. I can’t be the only one who was imagining what happened after Nicky and Alex were put to bed, right?

Where Are They Now? Stamos is one of primetime’s most popular guest stars (Glee, Law and Order SVU), and is a weirdly prolific tweeter. Lori Loughlin was on the CW’s remake of 90210 until she got “Jim and Cindy-ed” off to Tokyo or someplace. Her hair remains flawless.

Shawn and Angela
Cory and Topanga may have stood the test of time, but Boy Meets World’s coolest were bad boy Shawn Hunter and the woman who tamed him, Angela Moore. Shawn was the perfect mix of rebellion, looks, and sensitivity (he had a troubled home life).  Angela was trendy, mature, and looked like Scary Spice and Iman had a baby together. They couldn’t make it for the long haul though; she moved overseas at the end of the series - but not before teaching Shawn to love AND helping him end his family’s cycle of alcoholism! If we had to lose Shawn and his middle-part to someone, we’re glad it was you Angela.

Where Are They Now? Hopefully signing contracts for Girl Meets World! Rider Strong (omg, that name) has continued to work in film and TV, he even did an episode of Veronica Mars. Trina McGee Davis is married with children.

Honourable mentions: Steve Urkel and Myra Monkhouse, Aunt Hilda Spellman and Principal Kraft.