I know...

He says stupid sh-t and does stupid sh-t and he’s isn’t always the best example but I’m not calling him a role model, I’m just saying he’s hot and T.I. has been sentenced to prison for a year and a day on illegal weapons charges although he says if you don’t understand his situation – not to be confused with his Situation – don’t judge him for trying to buy a machine gun.


We love to judge. Machine guns are bad.

And this is why he’ll be locked up for 366 days. Away from His Situation. T.I. has 30-60 days to report to jail.

For now then, let’s enjoy. 366 days is a long time. A lot could happen in 366 days. He might come out and we’ll stop caring...

Machine guns are bad, see?

I can never get this song out of my head.

Dead and Gone

File photos from Wenn.com