I’m sorry to do this but covering a film festival for two weeks means a lot of help is required. If you have no interest in my public appreciation for sponsors, click away…but you might miss a giveaway clue.

Love and thanks to Joyce Ma at Tension and Sweet Chemise for all my gala and cocktail numbers including my versatile, gorgeous little autumn coat – called The Private (attached) – and my favourite LBD of the season appropriately christened The Seduction (also attached).

Also to Kiss & Makeup for the accessories - among them Nicole Richie’s gold and black leather wrap bracelet by CC Skye seen here on her left wrist. Stay tuned – you might be fighting over one in a giveaway next week.

And finally… again to Kiss & Makeup where I purchased the current love of my life, every girl’s Fall Essential: My Fall Bag by Andrea Brueckner www.andreabrueckner.com/. Kiss & Makeup is one of the only if not the only, Canadian retailer to sell Canadian designer Andrea Brueckner whose creations have been favoured this year by Lindsay Lohan and  Jessica Alba. Mine is the Luxembourg Satchel Warrior… in warm, dark purple. Last night I kissed it before going to bed. Is that wrong?