Sometimes no comment is more telling than a comment.

TR Knight in The Advocate in an interview about the past year, about coming out, about the gay-cist fiasco with Isaiah Washington, and the kind of support he did and didn’t receive from those around him…all this on the heels of what I’m told was a pretty lame Grey’s Anatomy season finale – SPOILER ALERT!

A sister for Meredith coming to Seattle Grace and setting up a Grey’s Triangle? Weak, non?

More interesting though – what will happen to Preston Burke. Some are speculating he’ll be let go … but given Shonda Rhimes’ loyalty to him, especially during the Homophobic Saga, you have to wonder if she’d really pull the plug.

TR himself addressed it without really addressing it during The Advocate interview when the subject came up – what his thoughts were on the fact that Rhimes did not step to Knight’s defence but did do so for Isaiah:

“I like blueberries. Do you like blueberries?”

It’s a comment akin to no comment. But commenting in this fashion only serves to suggest that there’s something to say…and he’s not saying it. And if it was a good thing, why wouldn’t he just open up…know what I mean?

Similarly his reply when asked if Washington had apologised:

“Which time?” But when asked to elaborate, TR answered: “What a lovely blue sky.”

Isaiah not popular… but doesn’t seem like Shonda is too popular either, non?

As for growing up gay in the face of conservative values and battling the hate…read on:

"You are taught you are wrong, that you are bad. [So] you don’t do anything and you wrap yourself in a little straitjacket, and you put yourself in your little room. Don’t do it! Don’t look at someone, don’t touch them, don’t kiss them, don’t do anything!’ Then maybe it’s OK. I mean, sure, that plagued me all through childhood, you know, in so many ways, and that’s stuff that’s hard to get away from. But you have to, and eventually, you know, you do…whether it’s about your sexuality or your religion or your race—that’s hate. That’s all this is about. And if people need to learn that when it comes to sexual orientation, then they need to learn that."