A hot gay and a dog? How can you not quiver? TR Knight and Tom Ford… my dirty fantasy.

Here’s TR on the cover of The Advocate discussing decision behind coming out, on the reaction, on the support, on how his life has and hasn’t changed.
"I remember saying to someone when I got one of those "don"t do it" [comments] – I just remember hearing my voice being calm and saying, "No, it"s going happen. It"s going to happen. I"m just letting you know." I made the decision to make a statement. I could have not [spoken up]. I could have retreated. But I"m definitely happy I made the decision."

Unfortunately, what should have been an adorable interview was made less so by Katherine Heigl (who I adore) who said:
"There came a point where we were close enough friends that he would just talk about dates or about other guys. I wasn"t shocked or surprised. ... It was more just like, "Oh, okay, now I know why you don"t want to go out with me." "

So if a guy doesn’t want to go out with you, it must mean he’s gay? Is that what you’re reading? Or is it just me? Is it just because I hate Izzie so much? Is it because I hate Grey’s so much?

Must be.