Ausiello is reporting exclusively that TR Knight has asked ABC to release him from Grey’s Anatomy.


Because the show sucks sh-t.

Right now TR remains dutifully employed but has been unhappy with his storyline for some time. Creatively stymied and, frankly, understanding that his character is clearly tapped out, Ausiello sources insist that TR respectfully requested to leave and that Shonda Rhimes is not opposed to it. No word yet on how this will play out on the show but really…who cares?

Is anyone still watching?

Oh right. They are. The MiniVan. And masochists too.

How long before his bestie the ungrateful Crown Princess of AssTalk Katherine Heigl, how long before she follows? Katie was just ranked 5th on the Hollywood Reporter list of highest paid actresses behind powerhouses like the Jolie, the Julia, Reese, and Cameron…




A little premature, if you ask me, considering her claim to the distinction rests on only 2 films, but still…

They feels she’s bankable. And she’s a rare TV Girl to Movie Girl non-Fail. And this is why, opportunistic bitch that she is, she decided NOT to speak out against ABC’s appalling axing of the lesbian storyline, even though she was first to gorilla beat on her chest when Isaiah Washington made his gaycist remarks last year.

Never put your principles over your ambitions, see? Heigl is indeed a Hollywood player.

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