We are fast approaching the end of the season for many series. Most of them should be shot and in the can, although production times seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Glee for instance was still shooting last week in New York. The season 2 finale for the show is May 24. That’s just less than a month. I remember when it used to take at least two. And then we get into the summer schedule. Like True Blood. And what happens at the upfronts which will determine what we see that’s new in September. All that and more with Duana and me today during our liveblog.

I expect also, judging from your emails and the response during yesterday’s liveblog, that the Wedding is still on your mind too?

You’ll have to fight with us over Beatrice’s hat. We were both into it.

Ready? Please, as always, keep your racist sh-t off my board.

Here for an hour!