MISFITS!!! I’m trying to get Duana to get on it. And I’ll be nagging you all to get on it too. But... actually... maybe that’s not very kind. It’s only 6 episodes per season –like giving you a taste, just a taste, of the best awesomeness and then putting it behind unreachable glass for a year. But I do love it so. More than anything else on tv right now. Also every guy on the show is giving me a huge boner.


Gossip Girl was so good, right?

There’s time for other tv too. And we’re looking forward to liveblogging for an hour about it. Please remember that we don’t want you here if you’re a racist pervert. Also, sorry if this sounds harsh but, well, sometimes you have to take that approach with Twi-Hards because they can’t read. There will be no Twilight discussion today – that’s next week, as clearly noted in the article yesterday.

I solemnly swear I’m a f-cking bitch.