This agenda seems to be working, so I’m keeping it around for now. Topics for today:

More on Duana’s article about women not being funny, or not allowed to be funny at the MTV Movie Awards. There were many emails that came in after the article was posted. We’ll discuss further.

Season 3 shows – this is when it gets either REALLY good or loses it: Good Wife, Community, Modern Family, Vampire Diaries, etc. Thoughts?

Molls (1 of the 3 founds of HelloGiggles) just announced that’s writing on Two Broke Girls. More excited now? Has a show ever surprised you? Because the general consensus last week was that the trailer was brutal.

Game of Thrones/True Blood
and Friday Night Lights since we’ve come around to week 9 on conventional tv now for those who didn’t watch on DirecTV. Or stream improperly. Heh.

The Summer TV dumping around – what do you do/watch to get through? Trashy TV Confessions?

Also Emma Watson and “fame” and university – your emails this morning on Duana’s post have been coming in steadily. We’ll give that a few minutes too.

And we’ll try to get to more of your questions.


Thanks for joining us! Don’t bring your racist sh-t onto our board.

One hour!