Duana was super popular after her Vampire Diaries recap debuted this week. Which doesn’t mean no one yelled at her. They yelled. But remember, she still needs your 4 episode recommendations. Throw them in today. And more TV talk on the way including what you think of the spoilers that were released on True Blood and this and that and so many things.

Just a quick note re: liveblogs (I’ll repeat in tomorrow’s intro too) – today’s will be the last for a couple of weeks as I’ll be on the road and with the time difference it’s a challenge. Thursdays in particular are getting the shaft as I’ll be in the UK next Thursday and then the following Thursday I’ll be on a plane to Toronto for the Junos. Having said that, Duana’s Parenthood, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Gossip Girl updates will all be in rotation during that time.

Thanks so much for continuing to join us!

We really love it.

PS. But not when you’re offside and racist etc.

Ready? We’re doing this for an hour!