In this sh*tty economy, even gossip is getting hit hard!

So what does that mean for smut? And how will our smutty landscape react to a dire economic forecast?

Get ready for it…

There will be more Brange. There will also be more Jennifer Aniston. And there will be LOTS more Brange vs Jennifer Aniston.


Turns out the tabloids are feeling the pinch too. Forbes is reporting that with consumers money crunched and cutting down on frivolous spending, stopping at the stand at the supermarket and picking up four or five weeklies won’t be an easy or likely indulgence for a while. As such, magazines must now compete even harder against each other for your money to ensure that they, not the others, go home inside your shopping bag.

Needless to the say, the cover becomes critical. And a sh-tty cover is almost tantamount to a major financial disaster considering that some of the bottom feeding rags depend heavily on their newsstand sales to break even.

So what makes a top selling cover? Who moves more copies than anybody else?

You betcha!

It’s Angelina Jolie. Followed in second by Jennifer Aniston….which means for the foreseeable future, we’re going to be getting a lot more of this:

Angelina prepares for her dream wedding! Shiloh to be the flower girl!

Angelina storms out – Brad’s family drives them apart!

Jennifer and Brad – caught having Skype sex!

Jennifer and Angelina – there’s only room for one!

Shiloh to mommy – don’t hate me because I’m white!

Jennifer to George Clooney – date me because I’m desperate!

And on…

And on…

And on…

And so…

May I present – this week’s Us Weekly:

How Angie got her body back. They claim she got a tummy tuck!

The recession breeds creative smut. It's the new fiction.

Click here for the Forbes article and to see the top 10 most valuable celebrity faces. It’s a great article. And it’ll surprise you about Britney.