Not that you really care. Remarkably, I’ve received a grand total of zero emails about the split, which just goes to show how far off the gossip radar the Sheens really are. Still, I’ve got a bit of juice if you’ve got a bit of time. As reported by several other sites, the two went on vacay without the girls and couldn’t stand each other. They fought constantly and decided upon their return that it was time to quit. While it’s easy, always easy, to blame the dude for the marriage breakdown, I’m hearing everything leads back to Denise. As we’ve all known for an eternity, the girl is a beeotch with a capital C. And rumour has it she has been insufferable, demanding, unreasonable and of course, with a raging out of control ego. Unfortunately for Charlie, he’ll be paying through his nose for this. Poor guy. So if you ask me, it’s the perfect time for a little gang bang fellatio therapy as a throwback to the old party days for the newly single Sheen.