Remember what I wrote yesterday? About Tara Reid’s best hope in life? Click here for a refresher - it looks like Tara’s destiny is on the horizon. If you recall, last month, some Australian shmuck paid something like $100,000 to fly Tara and her ghetto tits Down Under to promote whatever it is that he sells. Please don’t ask me to bore you with those details – the point is, the main is like 40 years older and financed a trip for Tara Reid to hawk his sh-t. Loser. And it gets worse. He’s now flown to LA to MEET HER PARENTS! His son now says he hopes to marry her, conveniently gifting her with a bouquet of flowers at The Ivy the other day…tha F&CK? Apparently the official guise is to continue promotion of his goods with the intention…and then I stopped paying attention because I had to Rossum all over my keyboard. Still…it IS good news for Tara. Because realistically, how much better can she realistically get? An old fart supposedly willing to fund her for an occasional geriatric f&ck, eager to pay for even more cosmetic enhancement in a futile attempt to finally rid the ghetto all over her body? Well played Tara, well played indeed. Thanks to Sarah M for the tip! Source