In all fairness…the lopsidedness actually seems to be receding. And she does look better. Face is almost back to generic Mall Girl with a little tinge of stroke around the corners.

But then again, it’s Tara Reid. Something is always just a little off. Like the headband. Like the shoes. Like her career.

Seriously…how is Tara Reid going to help sell Garrard jewels? And now that you know that Garrard had to scrape the barrel with Tara on their carpet, doesn’t that scratch them off your list anyway?

Some of you prudes might call this go rank on her skank so viciously.  But from multiple sources multiple times, this girl is a straight up C-bomb.  Has treated people I know, people who have worked with her and for her, like total absolute ass. As in dirt. As in throwing and spitting and abuse.

Tara Reid is a piece of sh-t. As such, she deserves to be handled like one. Trust.