Miss Thing has been hitting the sauce. Hard. And when she"s intoxicated, she"s even more lascivious than usual. Same sex propositions are not uncommon except there are usually no takers. Not surprising all things considered. The consequences of overboozing? Trust me, you"ve ALL seen it. And while the evidence hasn"t hurt her professionally, it looks like her thirst for Absolut is affecting her relationship. Poor guy is hardly getting any action anymore. And I"m not talking in the sack, I"m talking in the mouth. Suspended activity in the back of a limo, unfinished business because someone fell asleep, passed right out while literally getting down. Needless to say, he wasn"t impressed. Which is why he was so uncharacteristically loquacious (my friend Ammie"s favourite "teacher" word) with the boys and the not-so-close boys the next day. Damn. This girl gets more disgusting by the day. Don"t bother with: Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, or Kimberly Stewart