As in Miso Horny: illicit massage parlour worker whispers with a thick accent and uses magic hands fulfilling the chinagirl appetites of pervy rednecks with Asian fetishes. And don’t deny it – Bai Ling is exactly that description.

Almost killed myself after watching her on Lost a few weeks ago playing – what else! – a mystical tattoo artist/fortune teller who loves to f&ck. Definitely a high point in the show.

Anyway, here she is at some LA fashion week event yesterday which just illustrates how truly lame LA fashion week really is. The biggest stars so far have been Paris and Nicky Hilton, Tara Reid, that wannabe little girl from Heroes, Elisha Cuthbert (who is NOT on the Verge - think of a MUCH higher profile), and now Bai Ling.

Seriously Mickey Mouse, you know what I mean?