Born November 1975. And remember…she’s HAD surgery. She’s BEEN to the surgeon’s. She’s had work done and she’s had work to correct the original work being done. And still Tara Reid looks like this. At 31!!! No exaggeration, my mother doesn’t even look this bad or this haggard and she’s going on 57 after multiple surgeries, two failed kidneys, several infections, and a transplant. Sure, it could be our Asian genes – the tendency to look really, really youthful until about 60 at which point 80 comes up in the space of a week – but still…there is no excuse for lookin’ this sh-t when you live in Hollywood. And worse yet, there is no coming back from looking this sh-t…EVER. Nice to know that Tara’s still delusional though. Delusional and desperate – as evidenced the other day when she showed up at the Ivy and a huge bouquet of flowers arrived for her. While she was EATING AT THE IVY!!! Because Sofia Coppola is going to read about that and suddenly decide that Tara Reid is her next ticket to Oscar? Bitch…please. Find a rich dentist somewhere in Florida. Marry him. Be drunk every morning by 11am. Let the gardener fondle and take photos of your ghetto tits, resulting in blackmail. Pay him off with your jewelry. Try not to fall in the pool. Tara Reid’s best possible life. Source