Much has been made of her ghetto tits shrinkage, perhaps an attempt to salvage what"s left of a body abused and a career even more so. I suppose they do look smaller and the fact that she"s not drunk and sweaty and stumbling could be called a good sign. But if you ask me, crudely I may add, it"s like comparing sh*t to diarrhea - not exactly a distinct improvement. Let"s start with the mall perm, shall we? I mean really… is that ever ok? To say nothing of the white flared jeans on top of a pair of electric blue pumps, barely acceptable for evening wear, and emphatically not with denim. And yet I"m feeling a strange pang. I think it"s called pity, one should always be generous on her birthday, you see. So in the spirit of 33 and in the spirit of a stretch, a blue shirt goes well with orange skin, savvy?