Tara Reid is beyond repair. And at this point, I think I"m going to have to support her full tilt party lifestyle because really, when you think about it, what else does she have to look forward to? Might as well blast it out hard for as long as she can before facing the cold hard truth that she peaked 5 years ago and it will never, ever go up again. Ghetto boob job, ghetto lipo, ghetto bleach job, ghetto trousers…Tara Reid is ghetto all over. But here"s where I have to give the girl credit. Because given the current state of her belly - the puncture marks, the unnatural ripples, the odd indents that used to store pockets of fat - she STILL has no qualms about going out in a crop top, while many of us shudder at the thought of a bikini with much LESS offensive flaws than the butcher marks on Tara"s stomach. Call me crazy but I think I"m inspired by her courage and bravery. How messed up is that???