I think I’m about to offend you. So if you’re the type to get your knickers in a knot – stop reading now. So everyone’s been gushing about how much better Tara Reid looks. Now that she’s botched up her ghetto tits and popped a few more diet pills, now that she’s not tripping over her drunk self at the end of the night – at least not on camera – now that she says she’s curbed the party freak and is intent on remodeling her image, people seem to be seeing a new and improved and attractive Tara Reid. I guess. But to me – and sorry for the crass – it’s like comparing sh-t to diarrhea. Both suck. One just slightly less than the other. ‘Cause here’s the thing – Tara Reid is far from ok, not only because she’s a Mall Girl forever, not only because she’s hallucinating if she believes she has an acting career, but because, sadly, her debauchery has resulted in irreversible physical damage and what she is is a walking poster girl for why you shouldn’t get blitzed every night for 2 years. No…seriously. Forget that her hair is combed and that her bits aren’t leaking out everywhere. Forget that her rather unremarkable outfit is remarkably clean with no discernible vomit stains. These are from last night at a Reebok event. Go right in there. Right into the face. Do you see that? Do you see that sag? That bloat? Even though she’s totally skinny again she can’t get back her old face? Does it remind you of anything? I’ll tell you what it reminds me of. And here’s where I might offend you. It reminds me of people who’ve had a stroke. People who’ve suffered a stroke and can’t control a side of their face. And this is what I see when I see Tara Reid. So all this gushing about her “improvement”? Sorry…don’t agree. When a young woman, now only 31, tortures her body to the point of looking like a stroke victim, there ain’t nothin’ good I can extract from that. Say no to drugs, see? Source