There actually IS a glass ceiling for women like Tara Reid. Because although she looks clean for a change and doesn’t initially seem as though she’s fresh off a gangbang, the hint of a gangbang still always lurks underneath no matter how hard she tries to pull it together.

Here’s Tara at the premiere of Reservation Road last night no doubt trying to find her way into Joaquin Phoenix’s drunk ass pants. You will note, at first glance, that her appearance is entirely acceptable. But upon further inspection, the dress, the shoes, and the earrings are from the mall and her skin belongs on a ranch, ready to be saddled onto a horse for a morning canter.

On anyone else the ensemble could pass for elegance. On Tara Reid, it’s five minutes from getting nailed in a pick up truck with a shoe still on one foot and no foreplay necessary.

And if you think that"s mean, just think of what the man are saying. Your husband or your boyfriend might deny he knows what it means but my husband guarantees he knows what it means.

The term is a Hate F*ck.  Tara Reid is a textbook Hate F&ck.