This kind of sh-t is straight up insulting. As if Tara Reid has looked like this, or at least believably so, since 2002. Do I need to put up that photo of her mangled tit as a reminder?

Check out Tara in the latest FHM – minus the stomach scarring and the lumpy abdominal alcohol deposits we’ve all seen from candids at the beach. Not only have they given her a new body, they’ve also managed to erase all the time she’s spent getting jacked in the dirty bathroom of countless clubs from LA to Miami to Greece and back again on the road to Taradise.

Unfortunately, in real life without photoshoppe, skank isn’t removable. Especially not for girls like Tara Reid. Poor girl is trying though. Trying to resurrect a career that cannot be brought back to life. And posing half naked is her version of a good start while trying to excuse her behaviour by comparing herself to Hollywood’s slut brigade:

Are you friends with Paris, Lindsay or Britney?

No, I’m older than them. I know them all, but I don’t hang out with them.

So they are stupid?
Yeah. Like, Lindsay makes $15 million a movie, so why doesn’t she have a driver? I don’t get it. If you get drunk, that’s fine, but don’t drive. They need to straighten up a little bit and make better investments. And they should surround themselves with better people who don’t let them get themselves in trouble.

Weren’t you the same as them?
I was a party girl, but I played by the rules. I think it’s getting worse and worse because there’s so much pressure now. The life of a movie star is much more difficult because of the paparazzi. You might have a bad day and be sad, but when you’re that famous everyone in the world knows you’re sad. Then they’ll say you’re having a breakdown and that makes things worse.

Oh but here’s my favourite…note the hightlighted passage….

So you did do a lot of partying?
Everyone does, but you’ll never read a story about me going out and partying when I’m supposed to be working, showing up on a set drunk or missing a day, never. But when I’m not working why shouldn’t I have fun? Am I supposed to stay at home and live in a cage? I like to have fun and have people around me. I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay [Lohan] is that I’m not stupid, so I’d never do a lot of the things those girls do, and I’ve always had good friends around me.

Tara Reid says Tara Reid is not stupid.

Bitch… please!

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