I know you don't care about Tara Reid. But this article is about more than Tara Reid. This is the flavour of Cannes. Of a certain society.  

Tara Reid is here with Fawaz Gruosi. He's the top dude at the Di Grisogono jewellery group. Like, they're girlfriend/boyfriend now. He's supposedly in his 60s. And she's all over it. They were at the Martinez the other day and she was laughing at everything he said, gazing at him like he was the Matthew Broderick to her Sarah Jessica. I'm told he's already gifted her with several pieces. And word is he feels she's exactly what he's looking for in a woman/escort/whatever.

This is what's crazy to me. Because the women here, I mean there are beautiful ones all over the place. Mega model beautiful. And they'd be more than happy to hook up with an old rich dude too. Only they haven't been in movies. Even though Tara Reid's not exactly "in movies" anymore, for some people, especially Euros, that is a dick hardener, that she has been in sh-tty movies before.  I mean, this dude could presumably get his share of quality golddigger ass. And he wants HER! Look at her!

I had to interview her at the American Reunion junket. In person, it is more f-cked up than you think. Her skin is easily 50 years older than her actual age. She was wearing a short dress and flashed half her patch at me, the other bits covered in a thong. It also seemed like she could barely keep her eyes open. And that there was a delay between me asking the question and her answering it. Like we were talking on satellite from different corners of the planet instead of in the same room.


She's famous.

So Grandpa Moneybags is into it.

Fascinating, non? Tara Reid, as low as you think she's fallen, might still have a diamond rope to hold on to.