Tara Reid’s rep has confirmed to People.com that she is engaged. His name is Michael Axtmann. He proposed over dinner at The Little Door in Hollywood. According to her publicist:

"Michael surprised Tara with a beautiful round brilliant cut ring. Tara was so happy, and the other patrons clapped and yelled out, 'Congratulations.'”

This happened on Monday night. And they were supposedly surrounded by other diners. You know if it was anyone important, we would have heard about it by Tuesday morning. But no one cares for Ghetto Tits. So it took until late last night for her mouthpiece to call up People and generate the story themselves.

And who is Michael Axtmann? This is my favourite part. They’re calling him an “internet entrepreneur”. Oh really? It’s at once vague and specific. For some reason, a picture of Joe Francis just popped to mind. You?

Here’s Ghetto Tits with her “internet entrepreneur” on holiday in St Tropez last summer. Look at his shirt. THERE ARE WINGS ON HIS SHIRT. And a jungle animal. Douche attire, straight up. Yeah, he’s an internet entrepreneur alright. You know.

Photo attached of Tara’s recent Playboy spread and for the benefit of those new to the site who don’t know why she’s Ghetto Tits, well now this makes it clear, non?

Photos from Wenn.com