No clue why she’s here. Busy shooting some sh*tty straight to dvd release, no doubt. Thanks to Lisa for the following hilarious description the other day:

I just saw her near Choices in Yaletown. She was extremely thin wearing a shiny black Adidas tracksuit. Think Run DMC, but with pink stripes. And not cool. And maybe not even real Adidas. Her hair is super short, and was wet and slicked back to her head. She was wearing glasses and smoking. In a word, she looked rough. It was around 3:30 or so--and I got the feeling this was her 1st time out of the house for the day. Like, when you"ve been on a bender the night before, hang your head in the toilet all afternoon--only to appear after you"ve finished barfing, desperate for a coffee and fresh air awordfter you"ve been sitting in the shower for 2 hours ( AKA: the bower).

Sorry--I didn"t get any pics.

Super short hair? But of course that sh*t is a weave. Black track suit and pink stripes? Ghetto forever!

Here’s Tara and her busted-looking breasts at the Oceans 13 premiere last summer. Seriously, who let her in?