So Tara Reid has been shooting a movie in British Columbia – spent the weekend at Squamish and Whistler living her hard, hard, hard life, allegedly drinking her face off into the wee hours of the morning.

Apparently her behaviour is so reckless, the director of the movie has warned her repeatedly to get her sh*t together, telling her she’d be “dead in a year” if she doesn’t turn things around. He also has complained that she keeps showing up drunk on set and has lamented that he’d have had her “replaced already” if not for how deep they are into production.

Oh and one more thing – rumour has it, Tara was scripted for a kissing scene with a co-star. She is supposedly so f&cking rank that he straight up refused to kiss her and demanded the scene be changed to show the two characters hugging instead.

Do you blame him? Look at her. Look at that haggard face (click here for images) and those bags. Look at the ghetto all over her boy. And the ravages of three straight years of gangbanging taking their irreversible toll.

Didn’t she say in a recent interview that she had changed?

Bitch… please!

source Flynet