Is Tara Reid promoting? She gets less work than Lindsay Lohan. I mean please. Why is she on Alexa Chung?

Here she is leaving today after an appearance looking surprisingly… clean. Clean as in hygienic. Clean as in sober is maybe not very likely, all things considered. Comparatively though Tara Reid is better these days than Lindsay Lohan.

And when you’re worse than Tara Reid, you know it’s a f-cking problem.

Back to the original question: what does Tara Reid do?

No idea. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she just gets passed around from one rich douche to another, a slightly glorified escort, and whoever he is it doesn’t matter, so long as she gets to sit around and do nothing but f-ck.

What? I’m too mean?

Ok, sure. Tara Reid works very hard. She’s a “designer” now.

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