Yo, Blackberry, what’s up with your brand police? You don’t care about prestige?

I am a Blackberry user. A very, very loyal one, demonstrated by the fact that I’m on my third Blackberry of the year after my two previous Curves hated me so much they stopped working. Still… I will not break up with Blackberry, even though Blackberry seems intent on trying to force a divorce. But while I am willing to be patient about its functional issues, I am growing increasingly disgusted by its choice of representation.

Two months ago – click here for a refresher – I complained about Blackberry’s low classy association with the Lohan Family. At the time, I was told that it was a third party firm that had hired Dina’s children for their events. Fine. But what the f-ck is the excuse this time?

From low classy straight to rock bottom, this is Tara Reid in Germany today presenting the Blackberry Bold.


So they’re paying her to promote their product? Part of my fees are going towards the maintenance of her ghetto tits? And her ghetto abs? Her reattached nipple? I am supporting this?

What’s up Blackberry?


I KNOW you can afford better than Tara Reid. With the sale of my 3 devices in 9 months alone, not to mention Jacek’s, and, actually, almost everyone I work with, I know you can afford more.

Please. Please stop trying to make me leave you for iPhone. I don’t want to but you’re making it so hard.

Photos from Flynetonline.com