Was meaning to post this yesterday and then got buried in TIFF.

So Tara Reid is in London because of something to do with Big Brother. This is all you need to know. This is all I need to know. So if you’re about to hit me up with a know-it-all-email re: her activities, please save your wisdom for another time. There is more value in discussing why Tara Reid’s activities have no value than Tara Reid’s actual activities. Unless of course discussion of said activities involves snarking on her busted ass for showing us her f-cked up body parts.

Tara left her hotel earlier this week and encountered some photographers. Naturally she posed. Before long, the posing turned into some sort of stomach demonstration. It’s a ghastly, protruding thing, isn’t it? Like it might detach from her and start killing things. Part leather, part plastic, all gross. Grosser than my hangover muffin top for sure. I just patted my hangover muffin top affectionately.

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan in 5 years?

Photos from Wenn.com