Tara Reid had a guest starring role on Scrubs a few seasons ago … and she will not be invited back. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence addressed the New York Comedy Festival the other day and said she reeked so badly of booze and gang banging he’d sooner let John Mayer urinate all over him.

I made up that last part but you get my drift. Tara Reid is bunk!

Have a look for yourself. Must have been a slow day at the Ivy because she showed up with a beat-me-face companion in tow trying to make you care. Bitch is clearly back on the ciggies and vodka only diet because her legs look like they’re about to snap. She is also redefining pigskin leather.

As for her drunken slovenly habits, as I reported exclusively a couple of weeks ago, nothing has changed. 

While shooting a new movie in British Columbia recently, a co-star allegedly demanded a script change after refusing to kiss her and the director supposedly wanted to throw her off the project but was tied to production deadlines and could not get rid of her. 

Why she was even hired in the first place remains a mystery.