Of course there were props for her win. Like, actual edible props. She seemed like the Pied Piper of Cookies as she passed them around, and it did something amazing:

It started half the speech FOR her. How ingenious is that? When you only have 29 seconds, why waste time introducing the character for those who don’t know? Cookie, of course, is the only topic here.

That was the topic of her speech, too. Sometimes people treat these awards like an overall merit badge. But her speech was about the idea that she thought another character might be the one to break her through, but that Cookie was it. So she was embracing the parts of Cookie that got her there.

Which I loved. If she’d won for some other role, would she have been telling people to get off her train and letting the producers of the Globes know that ‘you can wait’? Of course, to a certain extent, but not this much. This is Taraji P Henson ‘leaning in’. Being professional, even. Cookie is what got her here. Cookie is what the people want. So by God, Cookie is what she’s going to give them.

The white column was fantastic, if simple. How many more people do you think stepped on her train before the night was over?