Good sweet LORD, Taraji P. Henson, you looked like something else last night. The dress and the hair and the sleepy-smoky eye makeup. Obviously she’s fantastic looking and has had other great looks this awards season, but this one, even though it wasn’t the most revealing or creative or whatever, was drop dead stunning-sexy.

Octavia Spencer, meanwhile, was the exact opposite. She looked prim and pristine and sedate—the curse of the actual nominee, you might say, who can’t sit back and have fun and a drink because they just might have to get up and say something coherent. 

Not that Octavia or Taraji thought there was any chance she would win; that award was Viola Davis’s from the moment she was submitted in that category. So instead the two of them, with Janelle Monae, when she wasn’t doing double-time with the Moonlight team, proceeded to have a party.

Mostly focused around food.

Check out Taraji realizing that she’s got no chance to catch a donut, unlike her dear friend Octavia:

If you raise an eyebrow at the ‘dear friend’ bit, look at what happened a moment later.

“ARE YOU SHARING!?” That’s not a question, it’s a demand – the kind you only make of a real, true friend. 'Obviously if you have something, I also get some of it, right? Hurry up please, I'm hungry.' That's how real friends talk to each other. And I buy it from these guys.

In spite of its strong box office, Hidden Figures did not get a lot of attention last night. But that movie was never about awards anyway - it was and is about getting people talking. And about friendship... it's not by accident that Katherine and Mary and Dorothy seem like such great friends because Taraji and Janelle and Octavia made us believe they were. 

Attached at the bottom: Here they are with the real Katherine Johnson, NASA physicist. (The woman pushing her wheelchair is NASA astronaut Col. Dr. Yvonne Cagle and before the broadcast she was wearing a coverall that had her name and “Space Surgeon” embroidered on it. How cool is that?)