The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – it’s a good movie, it’s an enjoyable movie, it’s a three hour movie and enduring it isn’t horrible at all…

But …

That’s it.

My problem with Benjamin Button is that I didn’t really care about Benjamin Button. He was alright… I guess. But there’s no anxiety for him. You don’t stress for him. You don’t worry about him. He’s just … there. Things just happen to him or they happen around him. It’s almost as though because he was born with this crazy genetic funk it exhausted his ability to be interesting BEYOND aging backwards. And the chemistry with Cate Blanchett – wasn’t feeling it. At all. They were like brother and sister to me. I bought it more between Brad and Tilda Swinton.

The standout in Button?

Has to be Taraji P Henson. She steals every scene. She irresistible. And she probably has no chance – although stranger things have happened – against Winslet and Cruz but she certainly belongs.

This is Taraji enjoying the ride at Critics’ Choice last night.

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