I look forward to seeing Taraji P Henson on a carpet. I was really, really looking forward to seeing her on this carpet. I thought for sure she’d be a contender for best dressed. And then she showed up, in the most boring yellow dress ever, and it seemed like she opted out. The monogrammed clutch was the only interesting thing about the entire look. I wondered whether or not the first dress had either fallen apart and if this was the backup.

But then again, maybe it was the heat. Everyone looked really sweaty last night. And Taraji ended up changing out of the really forgettable yellow dress into a brown sequined, long sleeved gown with a fresh wig, all of which would have been much more bearable in air conditioning. Was this a strategic weather move? It was definitely a Cookie Lyon move. She and Jimmy Kimmel, the host, were the only people who had a wardrobe change!

Still… weather or not… don’t you wish her first dress, the arrivals dress, would have made more of an impact?