If you would, please raise your glass to the incredible Tatiana Maslany.

This is how you do it right. You go to the awards and you look just flawless, but still your age and effortless, as opposed to some of your contemporaries who put a wee too much effort into being VERY MUCH REMEMBERED, right Emma Watson?  

When you are robbed in your category because the show is not very well known, and because you are up against some of the most skilled women in the business but maybe the one who took the trophy is not actually the one who was most deserving because it was a weird mix, well, then, you just sit back, and smile.

Because you know – you KNOW – that people are going to find out about your show where you play no fewer than five lead characters and a few who just stop in, and are going to get addicted when season 2 starts in a few weeks, and are going to kick themselves for not meeting you when they had the chance. Maybe you even entertain yourself with the idea that Julia and Meryl like your work.

And then, armed with the knowledge that you’re only at the beginning of a big adventure, you sit back and have a drink. In what remains a really fantastic dress.